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A religious observance day for Christians all around the globe and especially in Columbia- St. Joseph Day! Christian venerates, St. Joseph who was husband of mother Mary on this day. He is treated as benefactor of global church and on May 1 he has second feast during which he is rejoiced in a form of worker.

There are many stories associated with this day as one read from a small city of California, San Juan Capistrano, a trader was about to maim swallow’s nest but was stopped by a Franciscan priest. This day is an indication of the swallow’s return after their long stay in winter to warm south cities. It is a grand celebration day for Christians and they celebrate it with great rejoices.

Saint Joseph’s Day 2015, Colombia

History of this day 

Nothing much is said about St. Joseph even in the Bible still he has many devotees. The first Church that was made on his dedication was in the year 1129. Later he was highlighted in gospel as a saint and that turned him more revered. March 19 was the day which was dedicated to Saint Joseph and increased with a great pace in 1870 after Pius IX announced him as Catholic Church patron.

What people do to turn it special?

People like to celebrate it in their own way. In the places like Spain and Portugal people celebrate this day as Father’s Day. Children try to turn this day special with their exclusive day for their fathers’. It is also a way to show how important they are to them in their life.

In case if it falls along with Lent then this feast is the most sober one as it is followed by fasting and prayers both. It is celebrated near to Easter. Sicily celebrate this day with great rejoice as they count St Joseph as their patron. Long ago there was a huge drought here and with the grace of St Joseph it rained, so they have dedicated this day to him.

Saint Joseph’s Day 2015, Colombia1

St Joseph day in today’s life

The foremost thing that had undergone a great change is the way people celebrate it. Apart from the set table with ample of food for St. Joseph is gathered together offered by everyone in the city. No meat is allowed to be a part of this offer. Fava beans are compulsion here.

A priest blesses the table and order to start the feast. After the feast the table is demolished and 3 children who are disguised as Jesus, Mary and Joseph moves one door to another enacting as the real ones who were hunting for the shelter as per the mythological story.

A Sicilian immigrant had developed this custom in California and other part of  US. A huge procession is held on the street with his image and even people disguise him on the street. Recently technology has also touched this tradition as people greet and gift their father through the online gifts and cards. Awareness of his sainthood and spreading the golden words of the Holy Spirit is what this tradition is marked for!